About the NHDA

Mission Statement

The National Home Delivery Association (NHDA) is committed to serve the needs and interests of individuals, companies, and organizations that deliver furniture, appliances, and electronics to the home or office. The NHDA will advance the home delivery industry by educating our members, our clients, and the general public.


Setting the Standard for Home Delivery

Goals of the NHDA

  • Manage and host an annual “Home Delivery Forum” for interested parties to discuss issues of common concern in the home delivery industry.
  • Educate and research regulations, misclassification, and other current and legal issues affecting the home delivery industry. Promote ongoing education for members.
  • Develop and promote methods to attract talent to all levels of the industry, from management to independent contractors.
  • Develop industry standards – both for the companies engaged in any and all aspects of home delivery, and for the independent contractors. Create an NHDA seal of approval for both companies and IC’s that exhibit and uphold the highest industry standards.


  • Don Staniszewski, President
  • Geoff Chasin, Vice President
  • Richard Purnell, Treasurer
  • Joe Llano, Secretary

Why Join Us

  • We are a group of home delivery experts with the goal of setting the standard for our industry.
  • Education, Training, and Research
  • Legislative Monitoring and Alerts
  • Networking and Alliance Building
  • Vendor Information & Programs
  • Annual Conference