Regulatory, Legal, & Government Affairs Impact

Across the country state laws are changing that impact your business.   A small sample includes:

  •  North Carolina: Legislation that amends existing worker’s compensation owner-operator exemption to apply to drivers for motor carriers where own or lease vehicle and provide occupational accident insurance.
  • Missouri: Legislation that creates Section 530-like safe harbor for purposes of unemployment compensation and caps liability at 1%.
  • New Jersey:  A new “Misclassification Act” applicable to drayage and parcel delivery drivers.  Applies to Prevailing Wage Act, unemployment compensation law, Temporary Disability Benefits Law, Income Tax, and Wage and Hour laws. 
  • Ohio: Legislation creating a uniform test for independent contractor status for purposes of wage payment, minimum wage, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, and income tax.  Changes unemployment compensation definition of “employee” to apply to “delivery drivers” delivering “parcels” and “freight.”
  • Washington: An Employee Classification Act that explicitly states that more than one entity may be deemed an employer under the law, and that each employer will be jointly and severally liable for violations. 

Learn from the experts about changes in the contractor/broker model; background checks; liability and risk management and new employee requirements and what you and NHDA can do to protect you business.